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Innoplast organizes conferences on various aspects of PLASTICS, INNOVATION and BUSINESS GROWTH. In addition, we offer Courses & Consultation on "Solving Problems Related to FAILURE Analysis & DEFECTS" in the Plastics Industry where we have a demonstrated recognition in terms of publications in respected scientific journals/books/encyclopedias, US patents, international awards and numerous business awards,.




  • Biobased Re-Revolution of Plastics
  • 3D Printing: Medical-to-Industrial Products
  • Plastics Modification: Industrial-to-Medical Products
  • Mind-to-Market in Months-Technology Development
  • Mind-to-Market in Months-Marketing Innovations


Innoplast Guidance

  • Polymer Failure & Defects: Case-Histories of $MM Problem Solving
  • Business Growth via Discovery & Innovation
  • Speeding Up New Product Development


Innoplast Innovation

  • Patent Infringement
  • Polymer Failure & Defects problems in plastics industry
  • 40+ years of expertise in structure-property-processing relationships in plastics