Plastics Tomorrow via Biobased Chemicals & Recycling

Plastics Tomorrow via Biobased Chemicals & Recycling

On June 25, 2018

At Newark Liberty International Airport Marriott

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June 25-27: BioPlastics: Biobased Re-Invention of Plastics

June 28: Plastics Waste: Value-Creation/Healthier Planet

WELCOME to Innoplast Solutions 26th conference; 8th on Biobased Re-Revolution of Plastics!

While most major corporations around the world have escalated their efforts in recent years on improving the Environmental Impact & Sustainability via several routes, some BREAK-THROUGH concepts have only lately emerged. For example, (1) CONVERTING land & forest WASTES into chemicals; the latter besides numerous uses serve as Building-Blocks for plastics and (2) REDUCING-CAPTURING-CONVERTING  the harmful greenhouse gases (CO2 and CH4) into chemicals. Of course, handling PLASTICS WASTE will always be of utmost importance and continuous advancements in RECYCLING are being made. All these revolutionary concepts take environment/sustainability efforts to new heights.

Join us to witness how the field of Polymers & Chemicals is being rejuvenated via Non-Fossil Raw-Materials that are (1) Biobased-Sustainable or (2) Air-Land-Ocean Pollutants”; thereby leading to preservation of petroleum resources, reduction of air-land-ocean pollution, and utilization of free/undesirable raw materials.