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On October 27, 2014, President Obama announced BIO-BASED Materials as 1-of-3 emerging technologies for U.S. competitiveness. Such actions by the Governments around the world & private sector leadership have renewed the spirit of innovation over the last 5-7 years in the field of Chemicals & Polymers based on BioMass vs traditional PetroChemicals. However, a recent decline in crude oil prices has dampened the enthusiasm to an “Unjustifiable Extent”. Nevertheless, there are compelling reasons to be a part of BioMass revolution… regardless of the crude oil prices!

BioMass based POLYMERS, CHEMICALS and FUELS will be the theme at this event and you will get updated on how traditional as well as newer polymeric materials are being developed from renewable “BIO-MASS”, various types of “WASTES” and “GREENHOUSE-GASES” vs traditional PetroChemicals; thereby revolutionizing the Sustainability & Environmental landscape like never before!

Join us on a journey through the world of “BioMass for Sustainable Future: Re-Invention of Polymeric Materials” to witness the ongoing progress towards shaping the future of Chemicals & Polymers industry.

About the Organizer

Dr KhannaDr. Yash P. Khanna, recipient of two international awards in the areas of Plastics and Analytical Sciences, has over 40 years of highly diversified industrial experience. His career is credited with over 120 research publications, 25 U.S. patents, Society of Plastics Engineer’s International “Engineering/Technology” Award (2001) and North American Thermal Analysis Society’s Fellowship (1988) and its highest honor, the International Mettler Award (1997).

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